There is no such thing as “having it all”

The Atlantic is one of my favorite publications to read. That may make me sound like a liberal, coastal, upper-middle class snob (slightly true) but I don’t care (very true). I believe the publication is insightful and has the highest journalistic standards. With all the talk about women and careers, I found that The Ambition Interviews posted in the Atlantic last year was/is one of the best articles I’ve ever read about women in the workplace.

To me, each of the choices that are laid out — “Having It All–and Hating It”, “When Women Choose Children Over Career”, “Rethinking What Success Looks Like”, and  “How Much Ambition Can a Marriage Sustain” — all seem like lose-lose situations to me. Each requires a sacrifice — career trajectory, children, spouse, sanity. Gee, which one sounds most appealing? Maybe the sanity part?

As a woman at a one of the major technology companies, I see many examples of women who fit in the “Having It All–and Hating It” category. They all seem to be in a rush to finish work by 4:30 to pick up their kids, quickly pencil in some quality time with said kids, and then sign back online around 10pm. In addition, interestingly enough, there are very few women who seem to break through the “Director” title; in fact, many seem happy to stay right under it so it doesn’t invite too much scrutiny into performance.

I’m in my early 30s and feel like I am at a crossroads with my career (which is super important to me) and potentially starting a family. I’m starting this blog because I want to do an expanded “Ambition Interview” via the interwebs. I want to hear and learn from other women about how they have managed their careers and made the decisions they have made about their personal lives.

So, readers, to which category do you belong? Or do you think the article is complete BS and there is some other secret sauce to meeting your career goals and having quality time with your family? Look forward to a lively discussion in the comments!

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